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If You Were Told You Had One Year To Live

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I heard some unfortunate news today where a person whom I have known has been struggling with health issues was told by the doctor that she has an estimated one year to live. This was very sad news for me. As well, this is one of the situations too where health bill costs seem to put a dent in a lot of her goals which require money to do. This ranges from travelling to even educational aspirations.

This just made me wonder what could be going through ones mind in that situation and what is the best way to not let finances get in the way of enjoying and trying to experience all you can regardless of that news. As many say too, even professionals like doctors aren’t always right for example. So in that sense it would be a little wreckless to say for example that since one person says you have about a year to live then you should say stop working and treating everyday like a party.

At the same time, I guess if it does look gloomy you don’t want to spend moments working like a horse and saving for like thirty years in the future. Makes me wonder what kind of idea or inspiration I can help provide this person to try and make finances a non issue or at least a very small one.

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