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If You Had Fifty Dollars For The Whole Month On Food

Today I was given a scenario where if you were only given fifty dollars for the remainder of this month would you be able to maintain a livable diet? Breaking it down it would seem crazy. With about twenty five days left in the month that would mean your budget per day would be about two dollars a day for all your meals.

It doesn’t sound too crazy though if you were to use a different way of thinking where instead look at the types of food you can buy where you can get a large quantity of them and see from there if you can realistically survive on it. Example, I guess things like rice is the best example where you can buy a large sack of it that will last a very long time for not much money. At worst you could probably spend like half your food fund to buy a large sack that could last way more than a month for one person.

You can usually buy things like a dozen eggs for two dollars or less when on sale too. For breakfast you could even buy a fairly large pack of oatmeal for under five dollars which should last you a long time as well. Almost makes me want to try this myself just to see how doable it is.

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