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If School Is Too Expensive for You Financially

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Today I was hearing a story about a student who attends Duke University and goes under the alias Belle Knox. Like most people it seemed like she had to find a way to pay for all that education. In this case it was $60,000 a year. Her solution was to get into the porn industry and she explained how she could make like $1200 to $1500 per scene and that it was essentially better than graduating with like a six figure debt.

Aside from all the political and moral topics that this brings up, which I won’t talk about, what intrigued me a lot is the whole financial topic this brought up in terms of getting an education. For example, one point that was brought up was if you can’t afford a school with that price tag why not go elsewhere? At the same time, is paying for an education like this no different financially than say a person buying a car or TV that is out of their price range?

That’s where the topic seems to stump many as people always say you can’t put a price on things like your education. It’s kind of awkward in many ways huh? Example, many times we nag people that when it comes to things like your credit card you should never spend more than you actually have or that buying things beyond your means is a path to living in debt. Yet in this case many people would say otherwise. Makes me wonder if financially speaking these types of things kind of mold people into thinking that financial debt is simply a way of life and that if the option is there then use it.

Then again, I would imagine one of the biggest point of going to school is that it will help you get a job to become financially independent. But if after you will simply be living to pay off that debt then it kind of makes no sense. Maybe I am a bit crazy, but as an example if you were trying to go into a field with a trade skill I am sure working for a company/person can be equally as good as an alternative to getting an education.

It reminds me of the example I have used often of one guy who literally worked at Mcdonalds for years to then become a successful store manager. In comparison, there was another guy who spent like $30,000 to learn how to be a manager. Both of them are doing well and that kind of shows you that there truly isn’t just one way to get an education, so to speak. You have to consider the financial burden for anything.

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