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Ideal Time To Just Ask For A Discount

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A person was telling me today that he was shopping around for some items at an electronic store and one thing he didn’t want to do was to pay the full retail price for it. It was a semi pricey item too at about $350. Literally, all he did was go up to the sales person and implied that he wanted a deal as he didn’t want to pay full price for it. Wouldn’t you know it, he then gets offered what the staff members would usually pay for the item which dropped it to about $220.

You might think that sounds ridiculously too simple, but this approach actually works a lot of times as if you just simply ask for some kind of deal many times people will do something. Especially with businesses that are really hurting for sales right now, this increases the chance of getting a good deal. The key thing too I’d say is not to be rude about it as for sure the person will jut sway you off.

It helps a lot if you are a frequent customer of a particular place too. I have often found for myself that being able to relate to people from a business perspective helps too. For example, I remember one time I was with a person who was trying so hard to get a discount on a furniture item as the store messed up on the order.

Initially, the store manager said they could do nothing about it and the person I was with kept making some crazy demands. What happened was that I just talked to the manager about basic retail lingo such as loss leaders and profit margins on the products and sure enough as a result I was able to help the person get a discount.

That’s always good to keep in mind as if you understand a little bit about how that particular business makes profit then you can better understand when they would be willing to budge. But bottom line, don’t be afraid to just ask for the discount during these times.

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