The Idea of Using Leftovers From A Store Dumpster To Save Money
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The Idea of Using Leftovers From A Store Dumpster To Save Money

I was watching this show called Extreme Cheapskates, as the title implies, which is about people going to extreme lengths to save money. In one case there was this person who essentially went to a dumpster from a store it seems where he took bits and pieces from the wasted food to prepare a meal. Apparently he did this all the time and saves a ton of money.

Even I must admit that is really extreme as the furthest I would go is finding extremely cheap deals when buying groceries. Although it kind of makes you wonder if you are super tight on a budget or need to find a way to make money by saving money would you actually learn this skill and trade of sort to be able to do that with food?

It wasn’t just the dumpster diving as apparently with this habit he trained himself to know exactly where in the open wild and public that you can get free vegetables as an example too naturally. As awkward as it sound it can make sense in that way such as if you wanted blackberries then maybe searching for places where they grow in the wild would be beneficial financially.

To me personally though dumpster diving would still sound a bit over the top even for a person like myself.

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