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The Idea of Making Sure You Reinvent Something After A Certain Time

I was watching some documentaries today that talked about people who were successful in their specific fields that often involved some kind of necessity to use things like marketing gimmicks. One of the points brought up was how you have to reinvent yourself every once in a while otherwise it simply becomes stale or too common per se. So even if something is working you should force yourself to essentially try something new.

That’s interesting in the sense of people often say as well where if something isn’t broken then don’t fix it. So where do you find the balance there? I suppose too it comes down to can you always just go back to what you did before if something didn’t work out? I guess in the sense of like a restaurant if you introduced a new menu could you always go back to the old one? If you could in that sense I would think it’s good to change things up after a while as you could be tapping into a new market as well as your old one.

I would say too often times being too comfortable with what you currently know and do is probably too safe as it’s usually those who take the risk in trying to do something completely different that really get ahead. They say too change is good.

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