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The Idea of Expecting To Have a Lawsuit Fund of Sorts When You Are Successful

So there was a lot of news today about Google being fined in the EU for about $2.7 Billion over an antitrust issue which involves the company showing Google shopping results on its search. That is a definitely a hefty sum for most. Though not surprisingly many people are saying Google will be fine as they have tons in the bank. The comments that got me interested though is how many people expressed getting sued is just part of being successful. Therefore you need to just budget for it like any other expense.

That is such a weird thing to think about huh? I have never been in that position of running like a multi-million dollar company but the thought of having a budget for lawsuits is almost like having a personal finance budget for like a fight or something. It just seems a little odd to think about as I would imagine most people try to avoid things like that. Although it’s definitely realistic to believe that when you have a lot of money a lot of people will go after you as well.

I would wonder where if you specifically create a budget for that on whether or not you are more inclined to be less careful in a way. Example, like saying if you made a budget for just in case you punch someone where you need to compensate them then it’s almost like saying you can do it as you are prepared. That’s different then just having a generic emergency fund of sort. One of those things I feel where although they would technically serve the same purpose I think the mindset can dictate a lot as to how you proceed with things financially.

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