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Hundreds of Dollars For A Little Feature

So a person was telling me that his mother in law was looking to buy a new computer solely to use to talk to others online with MSN chat. She lives in a household with others too, but figured this way she wouldn’t have to bother others to chat and keep updated with family members and friends. She was all ready to spend about $600 on it too.

I was just thinking how that is a lot of money to spend on a piece of equipment to only be used for one little feature. At times like these I thought it would make more sense to just buy it used or use an alternative platform such as a dirt cheap laptop instead.

It’s one of those you are so used to it that you can’t think how you can live without it type of deal I’d say. Example, a person who watches TV all the time and if for whatever reason it breaks they are willing to spend big bucks to get it back right away without thinking about it too much.

The cheaper solution in this case? Basically just donated some stone aged computer parts to create something that works to be used for that little chat software. Makes more sense then spending big bucks.

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