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How Valuable Your Knowledge Can Be To Others

I was speaking to a lady today that lived in a different country and she was very interested in the different ways that people earn an income in different countries. I talked about a lot of the traditional stuff such as working at a 9-5 job as well as investing. I then mentioned things like web publishing and she seemed so shock and inspired.

To me I see people doing stuff such as making money off a website all the time and it doesn’t seem like anything special nowadays. But to her it was as if this was the 90’s again or something. While the Internet is common where she lives, I suppose an average person making a living online is really rare. Afterwards she expressed that she wanted to learn more about it and start something.

Never take for granted at how much your knowledge and experience can help others I suppose. What’s normal for you can be a major enlightenment for others.

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