How To Save Money On Groceries
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How To Save Money On Groceries

Since there was all this talk this week about how apparently people here think that a little over $400 a month is a lot to pay on groceries I decided on the show to talk about ways to save money on just that.

For the most part I tried to discuss how I feel we need to understand how much we pay extra in order to get that small amount of convenience. To do this I mentioned points that many of you may remember such as how expensive those pre-cut fruit slices are. I used the pineapple example that you may remember here:

As well just to get the point across more, the other day as a I wrote before I noticed there were pre-cut watermelon for sale at the grocery store and the price difference is way more noticeable here:

Like when you look at that doesn’t it kind of make you want to cut the fruit yourself to save about five times the money? This is true for most other things too such as buying things like those warm up and it’s ready kind of meals. We all seem to find time to try and earn more money right? In many ways you can look at it too like with the watermelon example where with the savings you are getting it’s like you are paying yourself $20+ an hour to do it yourself.

I then talked about coupon sites and these were some Canadian based sites that I have found has a lot grocery coupons and as well household items that most people probably buy:

As well, I know a lot of people are simply too lazy to look at all the flyer and coupon deals themselves. So with that I shared a site called which I have found has an active online community of grocery shoppers that try and find the best coupon and deals for your weekly shopping needs.

This is one of things that simply have to become a habit where you recognize how much is too much to be paying for something and at the dame time where to loo for the deals. So hopefully this helps to put people on the right track.

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