How Rich People Treat Poor People Character Test

How Rich People Treat Poor People Character Test

Recently I observed something funny which got me to think of the topic how when it comes to revealing a business person’s true character, or most people in general, you should simply see how they treat people who are less fortunate than them or those who offer them nothing. Because how one acts around those whom they feel will provide some kind of immediate benefit have increased odds that they are faking it per se.

So in this example there was an entrepreneur who always seemed to try and act bigger than he really is. For example, claiming that he has over 50 employees in his business when in reality they are all independent contractors. I would imagine it is to give off the illusion to prospective clients that he is a big business that can be trusted. Now recently he tried to sound bigger than another person without thoroughly researching about the individual. He began throwing insults on how he probably makes more money than the person in question and how he could easily make the whole town never do business with him. A mistake to think the person was a rookie without major influence.

You can guess what happened next. But the biggest takeaway in this was how the person treated people who he thought was lower than him. With that alone the odds are this is the same person who would use you for your money and connections to then quickly try and jump elsewhere when they feel they took all they can. Or at the same time bullying people for no reason other than ego. Always pay close attention to how people treat others who they think are less fortunate than they are.

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