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How Much Time Off One Needs

Just the other day I was talking to an older gentleman who was describing to me about his past career where he was working as an operations manager for a company for about 8 to 12 hours a day. When he was young he was able to tolerate it with much enthusiasm, but it quickly caught up to him. He was then telling me how you have to be careful about that as in most cases no one will care too business wise as you will simply be replaced.

The interesting thing I thought is that from an entrepreneur mindset that is usually the expectation where you are going to be working say 12 to 16 hour days until you make it even if it means for years. At the same time, there are people that work those types of hours and love every minute of it.

I personally think getting burned out is only a real factor if you are doing something where money is the main motivation to get through hard times. Basically the fuel is to simply get more money everyday. Example, today you get $100, tomorrow you’ll need $150, $200, etc.

Granted everyone has a physical limit which shouldn’t be ignored. But I’m inclined to say too that if you really love what you are doing you will find a way to accomplish it. Example, finding ways to leverage your time if you are spending too much time from being able to do other things.

I remember a teacher from high school though that was saying he chose that profession with a big reason because of the off times you get such as summer vacations when school is out. So for him, being able to get time off from work life was a big factor before he decided to get into something. I guess for myself the focus has always been what good can this thing/venture do in the long run which keeps me going.

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