High Paying Careers Based On Trade Skill

High Paying Careers Based On Trade Skill

I thought this was something to think about where a person recently hired a plumber to fix an issue and for the most part they figured it would be a simple fix. As well, they thought it would b super cheap as in their mind a plumber isn’t something you need say a four year university degree to do. Cheap as in they expected the rate to be say under $20 an hour. That’s when they were shocked to find out that the person charged about $120 an hour for their work.

To me the more shocking part is how a lot of people actually do have that perception where when it comes to trade skills it is as if people assume no university degree equals to a low paying career. That is definitely not the case of course where like in this example if there is demand then you can bet the rates will match that. As well, I would imagine the stigma where people would say “it’s just a plumber” would discourage people from wanting to pursue it as a career which means more opportunities for those who are in the field.

If you think about it, financially a plumber could technically make more than a doctor in a year. Maybe that just shows people aren’t being informed in an unbiased way when they go through school and the types of career path that can provide people with a decent living depending on their goals and preferences. I know that is true for myself where growing up there always seems to be pressure to be say a dentist or a doctor as most parents would see that as a successful and financially stable career.

It’s always best o be open mined though because there are tons of different opportunities to generate a great income if you can get past the stigma.

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