Having Helpful Staff Or Information on Demand

Having Helpful Staff Or Information on Demand

A person was telling me the other day how she always hated to go into this electronic store as whenever she asks for help for an item the employees would just point as to where to find the items. She was trying to shop for a gift that she didn’t have much knowledge of so an expert would have been useful. It made me think as many businesses are starting to change the landscape of retail where it’s almost like they are getting companies to pay for the space to have its products merchandised in the store. Usually on the displays customers would then have all the videos and information they need with the product on hand to see what it is like.

I would imagine a lot of companies would have a hard time adjusting to a style like this because one of the main reasons to go to a store is to have real people assist you with a purchase correct? I know for myself I am one of those people who would go to the store to research items and not buy anything. That isn’t necessarily because of price always but sometimes you can only get things online. Even the other day I was looking at some equipment to buy and when I went to the store they said it’s available online only.

If ultimately the staff is there to give information then it would make sense to have it setup in such a way that the customer can get everything they need information wise without having to leave the store to find out. I would wonder if that would cut a lot training expense too as I often find companies invest very little in product knowledge overall for the staff as a whole in many cases.

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