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Today while browsing around some video game forums, a user on a message board posted up details about his desperate need for money and how he went to Electronics Boutique to sell of some of his games for cash. To clarify about his situation, he mentioned that he hasn’t eaten for about three days because of the lack of funds. He made this list of what he sold and how much money he received from Electronics Boutique:

Otogi (Xbox) = $3.20
Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets (Xbox) = $1.60
Dead or Alive 3 (Xbox) = $1.60
Cubivore (Gamecube) = $1.60
Max Payne 2 (Xbox) = $1.60
Silent Hill 2 (Xbox) = $1.60
Resident Evil 0 (Gamecube) = $2.40
Splinter Cell (Xbox) = $0.60
Def Jam Vendetta (Gamecube) = $2.40
Katamari Damacy (Playstation 2) = $8.00
Swing Away Golf (Playstation 2) = $0.45
Blinx (Xbox) = $0.60
Whiplash (Xbox) = $1.60
Jet Set Radio Future (Xbox) = $0.40
Grabbed By The Ghoulies (Xbox) = $1.60
Fatal Frame (Xbox) = $4.00
Bloody Roar (Gamecube) = $1.60
Morrowind (Xbox) = $1.60
Zelda Bonus Disc (Gamecube) = $4.00
Pokemon Colosseum (Gamecube) = $13.60
Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc (Gamecube) = $0.80
Metroid Fusion (Gameboy Advance) = $3.20
Golden Sun 2 (Gameboy Advance) = $2.40
Mario Golf (Gameboy Advance) = $8.00
Wario Ware (Gameboy Advance) = $3.20
Wario Land 4 (Gameboy Advance) = $1.60
Tactics Ogre (Gameboy Advance) = $4.00
Mace Griffin (Xbox) = $0.60
Xbox dvd playback kit = $8.00
Hot Shots Golf 3 (Playstation 2) = $1.60
Swingerz Golf (Gamecube) = $0.80
Capcom vs SNK2 (Xbox) = $4.80
Kingdom Hearts (Playstation 2) = $4.80
Broken Xbox = $24.00
GBA-SP system = $24.00

In total, he made $145.85 from his trade-in. Now if you don’t shop for games that much, then you are probably not too surprised about these figures. However, if you frequently play games you know just how bad this person got taken advantage of as one could of easily received four times as much funds by selling it through different channels. The only thing on the list that I think is kind of understandable for the price is the broken XBOX system. Imagine a used car dealer paying you $500 for a car that is only about a year old and works perfectly fine. I’ve personally never been in a situation where I needed to sell off my possessions in a desperate attempt to get money, so in that sense I can’t really say that I know how he felt and that he should of done this or that instead. However, there are times where I felt that I could not accomplish something alone and that’s when you have to reach out to others for help.

In this case for example, I’m surprised that he didn’t first approach friends, family or even colleagues for assistance as I’m sure there would of been someone that would be willing to help. This situation also reminds me of many times where when I am trying to help someone financially, their pride would often get in the way and they would refuse to be helped as they don’t want to feel like some kind of charity case. In my opinion, one shouldn’t be afraid or embarrassed to receive assistants when needed. For example, if you had a broken leg and required crutches or a helping aid of some sort to help you recover, why wouldn’t you use it? What good does trying to walk without it and risk injuring yourself even more do? While the ability to live independently is a great accomplishment, it would be a pretty boring place if we didn’t have others to share our experiences with. With the right people, it’s amazing how much more you can accomplish with the aid of others.

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