Having Too Much Ego To Deal With People

Having Too Much Ego To Deal With People

With all those trucker protest news here one topic that came up was how many leaders in the country refuse to even talk to the protesters as they feel they are just wrong and not worth their time. As well, there have been political arguments where various places don’t want to change course not so much because of say data but rather it hurts their ego too much to either admit they may be wrong.

I was thinking, imagine having too much ego while working in an environment that requires you to constantly interact with people. Even if they have a complaint that you think may be unwarranted you should still hear them out to a certain extent. Just saying that the customer is “dumb” as an example would make me think it’s the wrong line of work for the person.

They say it’s good to have a healthy dose of ego at times where it’s more to push oneself to be the best such as athletes believing they are the best at what they do to win gold. But thinking you are say bigger than others where you feel they are inferior to speak to as an example I would say is an unproductive type of ego that you should check out at the door. Especially if the people you are dealing with essentially pay for your business.

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