Having To Dine Out During Holidays Mentality
Financial Management

Having To Dine Out During Holidays Mentality

Today is Father’s Day and it got me thinking as I heard some people were getting so stressed at trying to book a time at a restaurant where due to the holiday many places were completely booked. They were even contemplating paying more at a place they didn’t like too much just to get a seat somewhere to celebrate the day. I was thinking, is going out to a restaurant really that necessary during days like these?

Financially, imagine all the food you could buy and make a homemade meal with the family as an example as an alternative choice if your initial plan to go to a restaurant didn’t work out. You end up probably saving more money and spending time with the family which is the key part I would imagine. I personally feel we need to get rid of the mentality that spending a lot of money equals celebrating an occasion.

If it works out then great as we all need to do something different at times. But we shouldn’t feel the need to directly correlate spending money with how much of a great time you will have. Like here, it’s just added stress and pain for your bank account after the day.

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