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Having The Same Formula Each Time

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I was reading a story today where there was a person who I guess you can say is like a master of “trolling” people on the Internet as his “business” is essentially to get people mad to the point where everyone talks about him which he then converts that attention into an income stream. I was trying to analyze it a bit based on the person’s past and it seemed like they specifically target groups that are super knowledgeable or passionate in what they do. Essentially, it’s like saying if you make a factual error a horde of people will correct you as it is very important to them.

For this person it seemed like they knew this detail where each time something new comes up they purposely give out false information to generation attention. From what I saw too it works for them. That is just kind of amazing in some ways as this is probably true for many who do things such as selling say books or seminars. In many cases one is using the exact same formula to get people to react in whatever way they wish.

That’s one of the reasons I am always fascinated about various business topics as it gives you so much insight and understanding for your personal finance as well. Like saying just like shopping the second people realize that they are being misled for profit the sooner they can do business with a better company. Because in many cases a lot of people do use the same business formula per se for you to screen them out.

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