Having Pre-Sale Benefits And Rewards

Having Pre-Sale Benefits And Rewards

I was playing the game Pokémon Go for fun today and there appeared to be a lot of messages stating how there is an event where you can purchase tickets for. It isn’t happening until next month which gives people plenty of time to decide if they wish to buy it as you can technically wait until the day before.

With that said they show how you can unlock some additional events early on if you buy it now. It reminds me how persuasive offering perks and benefits for people buying a product early can be in generating sales. For example, with video games companies can offer a really cheap item such as a pin or sticker for pre-ordering a game and many times that will be enough for someone to take the plunge immediately.

It almost makes you think that should be an essential part of a product launch. Unless you know for certain tat you have something which will sell out always.

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