Having Non Essentials As An Essential Yearly Budget
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Having Non Essentials As An Essential Yearly Budget

While going to the mall today I actually was just going to get some hair gel as I was running out. As well a person asked me if I knew there was any turkey on sale and so I checked for that as well. I was pleasantly surprised to find some gel on sale where I could buy two packs for about $5 dollars. Pretty good as one is usually about $4. As I looked around in the frozen meat section I did indeed see some turkey. As it turned out it was being cleared as they probably want to get rid of excess Christmas stock fast.

The surprising thing was the price. You could literally buy this pretty large turkey for about $9. That’s a really good deal considering you would probably pay at minimum about $20 or so for it normally. Of course I bought one for the person as it was a deal too good to pass up since they wanted it too. That then got me thinking. Here you can buy a whole turkey which I guess you could argue is an essential purchase food wise for $9. On the flip side I spent about $5 on hair gel where many would argue that is not an essential.

That sure makes you think whenever people say they can’t afford basic necessities. Do you ever think of comparisons like this on just how much we spend each year on luxury items like these? Or would you consider things like that just as important as an essential because you need to look a certain way for your job as an example?

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