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Having No Shame In Opening Retail Grocery Packages

This is something I saw twice recently which actually made me wonder how people feel it’s normal to do so. While in the grocery store there were these bags of grapes that were on sale. It was sealed as well so obviously the intent is for you to pick up and buy one. Many times though there will be at least some imperfect products in each bag and you usually just choose the best. That’s when I saw this elderly lady just simply open multiple bags of grapes and then take the bunches from each that were good, placed those into one of the retail bags and proceeded to purchase that.

I noticed a guy today do the same thing except this time it was with a bag of apples. He pretty much opened up multiple bags and stuffed one with as many “perfect” ones he could find. Again, it made me wonder do people actually think this is a normal thing to do? Imagine opening up other items like boxes of chocolate and placing certain ones that you think are better looking to buy that.

Or are grocery items for some reason exempt from this behaviour to most people for whatever reason? It’s one thing if the store has a section for you to literally pick and choose, but for items that are in a retail package that seems like an inappropriate thing to do.

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