Having Money But Running Out of Food Thought
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Having Money But Running Out of Food Thought

There have been a lot of reports recently where Shanghai has been in lockdown mode for over three weeks where people aren’t even allowed to go out and buy groceries. Everything is at a standstill too to the point where there is a literal food shortage crisis. The bad thing too is where even for people who have worked all their life to save and spend money responsibly, they are out of luck as there is nothing to buy with their money.

The main people who are doing semi well are those that have items such as a personal garden where they grow their vegetables. That sure makes you think on whether or not instead of always just saving money is it better to invest it in solutions that will help you to be self sustainable? Like in this case, instead of just saving enough money for the anticipation of buying meals for the day would it be better to literally create your own vegetable garden or say fruit tree?

Funny enough, I always said that if I had unlimited money one thing I would like on say my home property is something like a fruits and vegetable garden. It makes a lot of sense financially and is probably better health wise. Even billionaires buy things such as farm land versus just say real estate in a big city. They say food shortages will come soon as well in many places. Would you be prepared if there is nothing to buy even with all your saved money?

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