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Having Fun At Global BC

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Today I got to do something that was kind of fun. Recently I was asked if I wanted to talk about some finance issues on a new talk show of sort for an upcoming 24hr news network here called Global News: BC 1. Apparently they were booking a lot of guests for various topics as well as it seems like they are currently experimenting on the exact type of topics they would like to cover before launching.

It was kind of neat visiting the studio as it is currently still being set up. Makes me really curious in wondering how everything will look in the end. I essentially went in and talked about topics ranging from TFSA’s, how people make money online with various publisher and affiliate programs as well as saving money on things such a tax software where many companies offer the same service free online.

An interesting note when I was given a quick tour of the place, it seemed like they are definitely preparing for people who will be staying at that building for a long time considering it is 24 hr news network. For example, it seems like they have a full fledged kitchen area with staff to cater to everyone who is staying for the day.

Seems like a good addition for people here as it will provide a platform to talk about various issues. I did feel a little weird when they dubbed me as the “money man.” Makes me sound like I am some venture capitalist looking to buy people out or something. 😆 All in good fun though while talking about serious topics.

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