Having A Regular Staff For Customer Loyalty Factors

Having A Regular Staff For Customer Loyalty Factors

Companies usually spend a lot of money trying to find the right people who hopefully not only can do the job technically but at the same time will stay with them for a decent amount of time. Otherwise, one could be spending thousands of dollars each time in training new talent. But what got me thinking today was how as a customer seeing a familiar employee can actually give one a more welcoming feeling to return again. The opposite can be true when it’s someone you don’t recognize.

The reason I as thinking about this is that today I went o get a haircut and it would appear that the owner decided to bring in a new barber. From what I gather I think the industry/business works where people rent seats and getting say a percentage of the sale. Now usually when I go here, I would get my haircut from the same people. But this time it was by a person that was from a different province.

I must admit, having an unfamiliar worker there where the business didn’t feel it was important in any way to have say the regular staff assist me kind of placed my mindset into a this is like any other barber shop where it will come down to price and convenience. Similar to how if you need to buy say some groceries then a lot of people will often get it at the place where it’s currently on sale for less. Like there though, I would imagine if there was a familiar staff you would tend to be swayed to go back there if say the prices were the same elsewhere or even if it is a little more.

I know this was true from being a worker at a store before where people kept coming back because they got to know me eventually as the guy that can help answer their questions while trusting my suggestions based on experience. Not surprisingly, I was told when I left the business a lot of those same customers went elsewhere. Something to think about as the employer I suppose if you didn’t already put a lot of value on your talent that helps to keep your business running while using their presence to increase customer loyalty.

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