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Having a Business Closed On Weekends or Not

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Recently I have been waiting for a shipment to arrive and upon keeping track of the status it seems like it simply didn’t move from one city. The reason being seemed apparent where because it was the weekend services are suspended as many people do close up for a break in the week. Kind of makes you wonder, how much extra revenue do you think this shipping company would make if they actually just hired the extra staff and had operations all week? Would you think the revenue s too little to warrant it?

It kind of reminds me of restaurants where a lot of them actually close during the weekends or on holidays. For the ones that stay open they get a ton of business from it as a result. I do remember watching some food tv shows where restaurant owners were struggling financially and one of the biggest criticism was how they always decided to close on holidays where that’s when so many people would go dining out.

In that case, apparently just opening for those few extra days could create a huge difference financially for the restaurant. I would imagine the main reason for closing is due to not wanting to go into overtime hours based on a standard 5 day work week. But if it is simply not wanting to such as being an employee that loves the weekends because there is no work that would make you wonder if there is a better way as the business owner.

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