Growing Slowly or Trying To Take Advantage of Momentum

Growing Slowly or Trying To Take Advantage of Momentum

I was pondering recently about a small project I started this year where it has been consistently growing at a slow organic pace which is actually very good. Usually people experience stagnant growth with their projects unless they do something to help push it out more such as spending money on advertisements. However, this seems to have legs as it is slowly growing and being recommended by people. So with that it made me ponder if I should actually try and push it up more as if it was stagnant as theoretically it could make It grow faster while it’s hot as they say correct?

In many ways that would make sense such as if you have a restaurant that is consistently getting good reviews then it may be a good idea to start broadcasting your business more in hopes to fast track your growth while everything is currently going up. I would imagine the main negative would be you may become too big to handle as you didn’t prepare for it to grow at a certain speed. Then again, that could be a good problem to have as it will force you to expand quicker.

If done right, I suppose the main challenge would be management. The first story that comes to mind is that Instant Pot story where the product took off organically only to then be managed poorly by trying to grow into too many other products.

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