Growing Because of Brand Power And Previously Produced Work

Growing Because of Brand Power And Previously Produced Work

I was listening to some interviews recently from people who were very successful in generating huge amount of publicity for their business to the point where they are essentially a household name and everything they create will benefit because of the brand affiliation. That’s what got me thinking where one person appeared to believe that his past success has nothing to do with his future success.

To prove it he created items targeting markets in different languages and countries where the assumption is they have no idea who the person is. Therefore, if he starts generating huge traction for anything released to those markets without any assistance then that proves it’s just about creating a good product as a an example.

When looking at it though it’s kind of hard not to see where even if it was in a different language he was still using fundamentally the same company branding that is well known in his industry. It would be like launching a restaurant chain in a different country where you may have different food to cater to the market but the brand remains the same and will automatically generate attention as a result.

I would view the branding aspect as like a professional singer. Yes, the person would obviously need to be talented and create great work. But if a singer is already very well established then releasing new albums will automatically benefit the person and any new project that they release. This is versus an unknown singer where they could literally release tons of songs that are better produced where unfortunately they will remain undiscovered. There would be no need for undiscovered talent shows if it was always about skills only as an example.

Why this is important is that I think many times we have to remember that we need to focus on certain items that another person may not need to anymore due to the fact that they don’t need to. Like here, I would imagine for the unknown singer they would need to focus on branding awareness and distribution where despite how good their work is they need to find ways to get seen. That’s something to keep in mind whenever we try and learn from the experiences of others as the scenario isn’t often the same which can lead people to get frustrated where they implement every best practice they mention but they don’t seem to be getting the same results.

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