Gold Medal Frenzy And The Olympic Conclusion
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Gold Medal Frenzy And The Olympic Conclusion

Well, Canada won the gold medal today in Hockey and you can bet that it is busy and packed on the streets here. Virtually every street vendors are making a ton of profit simply selling items that are patriotic like a flag. This is one of those days too where it is so great to see everyone come together. While obviously business and profits is a big deal for a lot of people, it’s great to see that it can be just the simple things like a sporting event that puts people on the same page for once.

People were super nice today too. I know most people say Canadians are nice. Today everyone was extra nice in being helpful. Example, even bus drivers taking passengers on when they are not supposed to stop normally as they knew that people needed to get to the events on time. I’m really happy that I got to be a part of it. As I always say, for me it’s about trying and experiencing as much as I can without worrying about the money too much. Funny enough, even in this case I ended up making money while doing something that I was interested in.

Just goes to show you again that if you just do things that you are passionate about or would enjoy the money will come. Not coincidentally I met a ton of people that I could very well be working with in the future with other endeavors. I am super interested in what happens during the post games now too in terms of the economic impact. Either way, it has been a great month and day today. 🙂

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