Giving Up Your Pet To Maintain Financial Stability
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Giving Up Your Pet To Maintain Financial Stability

With a lot of people finding themselves in a tighter financial situation it as kind of interesting to hear how some people were suggesting that pet owners need to simply part ways with their pets as a sacrifice of sort to get through harder financial times such as with an increase in taxes or necessities. The reasoning is that some people are automatically saying the increase in the cost of living is due to the war overseas and so people need to do some sacrificing.

My first thought honestly was I don’t feel this would be practical advice if a pet owner has had its pet for such a long time to the point where it is essentially a member of the family. Imagine telling parents to give up their child because times are tough financially. That would be crazy right? Assuming you can’t change the outcome where things are getting more expensive period, to me the more practical advice would be to start working with other people to make life more sustainable.

That can mean something as simply as buying larger quantities of say food for the pet along with other pet owners. Basically, getting wholesale prices and at the same time everyone still gets the quantifies that they need. That could theoretically make just the food expense virtually the same if not cheaper than before. You just have to do some extra steps to get the deal due to the circumstance.

It’s different if we are talking about people wanting to fine dine at a restaurant all the time as an example. But when you are dealing with things where there is a high emotional investment in the situation it’s little unrealistic to just say drop it. You could argue like here too the pet provide the owner with comfort and stress relief which in itself can save money as well here they won’t resort to doing other things that may be worst in every way.

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