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Giving Out Too Much Personal Information For Free Stuff

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Not too long ago it as announced that the company Loblaws was going to offer pretty much offer every Canadian a $25 gift card as a result of a bread price fixing scheme that has been going on for years. Each member of the household can claim it too. So who wouldn’t do it right? Apparently a ton of people aren’t now once they realize how much personal details that they have to give out to do so.

It would make sense since there is a huge legal case with this and they probably want to make sure people don’t start claiming hundreds of gift cards for themselves. In many ways though would you treat this as no different than some companies that want your full address and contact details just for the chance to win something? Except in this case it’s almost like claiming the prize money instead?

In many ways I think if the amount was big enough then everyone would do it which makes me think of the phrase on how everyone has a price. If you think about it people probably feel like they are risking their privacy this way so the amount has to be sweet enough to justify any mishaps that can come as a result of that.

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