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Giving Kids Money This Year For Christmas

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This year has been financially difficult for a lot of people where necessities in many cases are valued like most wanted gifts from previous years. For kids you would usually get some kind of cool or fun item. But this year I have been hearing more people say how they are just going to give money. One reason is they can’t think of what to get which is normal as money and gift cards are the default choice afterwards. But it was fascinating to hear that many people felt good financial management skills are important during these times and so giving money can help them on that track.

That is assuming they save it of course. I know for myself whenever I got money as a kid I would always save it whereas my brother would spend it. So giving money doesn’t automatically mean one would be productive with it immediately. I was thinking if you are going this route maybe adding a simple message on a card saying to save it during these unpredictable times may help though.

I know the way I learned was constantly hearing my parents talk and stress out about money. So as long as you implant that basic message to a child that people struggle in a sense to earn enough of it at times that should give a good nudge to try and save it as an example.

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