Giving Incentives For An Opinion

Giving Incentives For An Opinion

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The other day I got this automated e-mail where the company was trying to solicit feedback from its customers in an effort to analyze its business decision and directions. For myself I wasn’t actually too impressed with their customer service and I guess this is the worst scenario for a company where people that don’t give you feedback at all will probably be gone once your competitor offers something just as good.

That got me to think what they could have done to at least get some kind of feedback. Funny enough the solution could have been as simple as adding a small incentive to do so. For example, companies often have reward points or credit offers and even something as simple as a one to five dollar credit would probably be enough to get someone to at least write some thoughts.

This probably does work best for companies with an internal reward system of some sort. But offering some kind of reward is a good way to get that valuable feedback and opinion.

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