Giving Free Birthday Gifts For Future Business

Giving Free Birthday Gifts For Future Business

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The other day I went to a restaurant to celebrate a person’s birthday. This was something really small as the person didn’t want anything big. When being directed to our seats the waitress asked if we were celebrating anything special. We mentioned that it was the person’s birthday and the waitress smiled. At the end of the meal we were all ready to go. But the waitress then said hold on as they had something for us. They then brought a piece of ice cream cake for the person’s birthday on the house. From the looks of it the price would normally be about $7.

I was just thinking how business wise that got everyone to remember the place for giving something away for free on people’s birthday. Realistically too that piece of cake probably costs them way less than $7. But with that tiny gesture it could potentially mean repeat business whenever the person is thinking of a place to go. Especially when you offer it on an occasion that is extra special to the person.

Companies often spend thousands of dollars on advertisements as part of a marketing budget to attract customers. I suppose people don’t often invest in ways to ensure that people stay as a consistent one too per se. Going that little extra mile like here that probably costs very little can go a long way in getting a loyal customer.

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