Giving A Person A Job Simply For Competition Control

Giving A Person A Job Simply For Competition Control

Would you consider this a smart or sketchy business practice that a lot of companies actually do? I was reading some articles on how certain large corporations have essentially tried to silence their biggest critics not by trying to discredit them or through other offensive means but rather offer them a job at the company for a lot of money. Imagine being a professional product reviewer where this one person’s opinion can literally make or break a business. The company then approaches the person expressing how they love their work and wish to offer them a job for say ne million dollars a year. Sounds great right?

But that’s the thing you have to think about a little where in this particular case by hiring the person the company gets to control what the person does. For example, obviously he wouldn’t be able to talk bad about his new employers anymore. So in that sense it is almost no different than just paying someone out to not say bad things about them except in this case it just sounds like a regular business job offer.

Sports and entertainment companies often do this where they will sign on talent for a lot of money not so much because they have an immediate use for them on say the roster versus just not wanting the competition to have them. Kind of crazy to think about still on the various tactics that people use to try and get ahead.

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