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Gift Card Bonuses And Instant Savings

Today I was at a grocery store and they had this buy over $250 and get a free $25 gift card deal. Now normally in the past the promotion was spend over $250 and get $30 off instantly on your purchase. Sometimes these types of promotions do entice me to spend more to get the savings. However, when it comes to getting a free gift card I am usually not as enticed in doing so.

I know the reason stores love gift cards as it pretty much forces you to come back to spend more money with them. It just makes your money a little more inflexible I’d say too where it’s almost like having a bunch of those old Disney money where you have to spend it at a particular place. Therefore, going out of your way and spending more in that case isn’t too enticing.

People often neglect to think about the extra taxes you have to pay too such as spending an extra $50 to get to that price pint can mean an extra $5 to $10 in taxes. Hence, making you spend way more than expected just for a gift card that won’t be used until way later. Imagine if they have the same promotion again too where the clause is usually you have to spend that much before including any type of gift cards or discount.

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