Getting The Same Advice From Different People

Getting The Same Advice From Different People

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I thought this was kind of funny as apparently there was a person who was actively looking for advice in regards to buying a very basic computer for home office purposes. So he started by asking people he knew and by the looks of it they all recommended specific models. For the most part he didn’t seem confident that the suggestions were the best. So as the story goes, he then goes to a store and gets some suggestions there. After talking to the salespeople, he was excited to share his newly discovered information to the people he spoke to and what they thought about the options.

The odd part was, the sales person literally recommended the exact same thing they did. That is kind of awkward huh? But what it does show is how many times people believe because the advice came from a specific source that it is somehow less true than another. That can be a financial drain if you are paying hundreds of dollars an hour to get advice from a “professional” as an example when sometimes even an extreme “hobbyist” can have the same if not better knowledge base about certain items.

I would have probably just search online with the information given to me initially to further validate the advice given if I really needed some extra opinions in these cases. But at least he didn’t pay hundreds of dollars for advice that he essentially got free already.

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