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Getting Rid of Tiny Billed Services Too

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Today I was talking with a person on whether or not we should cancel a particular VOIP service for an activity group as we found that I wasn’t getting much usage. At first it was suggested that it wasn’t exactly a lot of money as it is like $2 a month. However, it just made financial sense to save the money as we could easily adapt with other services that we already pay for. Otherwise it’s almost like having a cell phone where we pay monthly only to use it for like a day.

It’s so easy to sway off tiny services like these since it seems so cheap huh? It’s almost like buying those extra cable channel packages where it seems like for an extra $5 a month you get so much value. But if you aren’t really using it much why spend it? This forces you too to try and come up with solutions with things that you already have. Reminds me of the example of if you don’t have a hammer then grab a rock.

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