Getting Into Financially Draining Causes With No End
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Getting Into Financially Draining Causes With No End

It seems like one dominating news today was how Afghanistan is pretty much being taken over by the Taliban as a lot of people are worried that they will essentially have all their rights taken away. This happened as the US decided to pull out all of its troops and as it appears Afghanistan simply wasn’t prepared to defend themselves.

One key point I have been reading is how this war has lasted over twenty years as the US must have spent tons of money and resources for nothing in many ways as things are going back to the way It was before they got involved. So ultimately would it have been better for them to stay out period? That made me think of situations such as how regular people or businesses constantly support a cause that doesn’t seem to be able to fix itself. The second you stop giving they crumble. But in like those cases would you still give?

I guess an example would be someone who can’t manage their finances where they always require the assistance of others. Would you keep giving aid in these cases or say too bad as they need to take care of themselves?

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