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Getting Deals From Inactive Accounts

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Awhile ago I was looking at that Groupon site just to see what the buzz was about and to evaluate if there were any good deals to be found on it. For the most part I didn’t really find anything interesting but I did create an account in case I ever intended to use it. For months that account has been inactive and it was interesting as today I noticed in an effort to actually get people like myself to try it they were offering a $20 off anything coupon. So you could essentially get some products and services for free.

This is actually very common too I thought where companies usually try to generate or revitalize sales by offering incentives like this when they see that they have registered people who have yet to do any transactions in a long time. I have done this at times too when it comes to other reputable online shopping sites where I registered for an account but have yet to buy anything. It’s not surprising to see too that after awhile they start to send you coupon codes in an effort to get you buy anything in hopes that it will generate future business from you.

Just be careful of subscribing to like every single newsletter as all the mail can probably get a little annoying.

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