Getting All Types of Home Insurance or Not
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Getting All Types of Home Insurance or Not

Today I walking through an area and noticed that a lot of firetrucks were going by. I didn’t notice anything immediate but as I looked up in the sky there seemed to be smoke coming out of a garage. Sure enough, there seemed to be something that blew up inside as once the fire was extinguished it seemed to start up again. Everyone was safe fortunately and what caught my attention was how the home owner didn’t seem too phased.

It looked like he caught a phone call which he answered and casually he tells the person that his house is on fire. It’s like phone your friend to ask what they are doing and them saying they are watching TV or something. I can only imagine that he has everything insured so financially he should be okay. It makes you think if one should always invest in all types of insurance just in case even if the chances are slim for some things.

I personally don’t get every single insurance though as it can add up to the point where you are literally guaranteeing to put yourself in a hard place financially per se. Fire insurance is one for homes that is reasonably plausible to the point where it’s probably best to get it versus something like insurance for tornadoes here.

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