Getting A Higher Valued Item For Free

Getting A Higher Valued Item For Free

I was kind of surprised to see this today as while looking at some boxes of cereal I noticed that the cereal brand Mini-Wheats had this big sign on the box saying how if you buy that cereal you could mail in an offer to get a free $5 gas card. This kind of confused me as the cereal itself was about $4 and considering you get a $5 gas card it’s almost like they are paying you to take it. I was then wondering what is stopping people from say buying one hundred boxes and then simply selling the gas cards. But, it did have a five per household limit according to it.

Usually I only see promotions like that if another vendor/company is trying to use it is a marketing strategy to get more exposure for one’s product or services. Then again, maybe it’s the reverse where the cereal company figured most people use a car anyways and so this offer would entice them to buy the product since they normally use gas anyways. I wouldn’t be surprised too if most people don’t even bother to go through the process to redeem the gift card.

I wonder how they even make money off the product though when the free gift is literally more cash value than the main item itself.

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