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Generic Responses That Discourage Business Dealings

Funny thing that I posted yesterday about the thought of trying to do business with more than one company as opposed to one large established one. Today I got a very generic message from the one company we tried and how they wanted to see different samples. Essentially, there was no real feedback in terms of what they wanted to see as oppose to just linking to generic tutorials that they have written. So with that in mind it leaves you in the dust and the feeling that since they are so big they feel like they don’t need our contribution, so to speak, at all.

We were then discussing about this and thinking how that kind of tells us how we would most likely be treated if we ever had even a simple issue such as a billing or credit one. Therefore, this just encouraged us to expand to other businesses in the industry as well as opposed to simply focusing with one organization. I guess overall it’s a good thing that it happened now before we placed all our marbles with one company.

I would think though if you are in that line of a business where you need content or materials from a large source of people where if you are manually screening something then giving personal responses goes a long way to maintaining a good relationship with people. Are so many times I can remember where large players in an industry just died off as they got too arrogant in how big they were and the thought that they didn’t need anyone else.

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