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Free Offers As A Supplement or Replacement

Today I got an e-mail from a friend as he simply mass e-mailed everyone about this Burger King promotion where it appears for quite a few days you can simply walk in the restaurant during breakfast time and get a free sandwich. You can see the deal here:

In the body of his e-mail he commented how he doesn’t normally promote fast food places but recognizes that there are people with say kids to take care of. Hence, having to spend all that money on food to keep them happy.

That got me thinking. Now for a lot of people finance usually is a major factor when it comes to food. So, knowing that you can essentially get a free breakfast for awhile in a place like this to save money would you actually change your routine to do so? (Assuming it meets with your health requirements and all)

From my personal observations, the interesting thing is that even with offers like these people tend to spend the same amount of money as these free offers are mostly treated as a supplement as oppose to seeing if it can realistically be used to cut a portion of their spending. So like in this example, they will continue to buy/prepare the breakfast that they would normally eat and simply get the free sandwich too.

While changing your food routine can be unrealistic in many ways, I’m surprised people do this for items like gadgets and stationeries. Example, a person winning a free DVD player yet they still buy a new one. Since the one they won was free they treat it is a spare backup instead. I guess in many ways using something that was acquired free feels too lower classed. Suppose it depends on mentality and how much money you want to save.

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