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Twice this month I have received over $100 in free advertising credit for certain sites as way back I created an advertiser account with them to test out how well the service was. With some of them, they seemed good but not worth the cost from what I saw. In an attempt to get you back in using the service they literally give you free credit to get you to use it again.

Who am I to say no to a free $100 credit in these cases? Sure enough, I do plan to use it up to see how well the service preforms this time around. Makes me wonder how many more freebies like this I can get from other companies as well. It’s not unusual too to get say free products and services from restaurants and stores as well in an attempt to get you back into the store. Most common are coupons that give you a large discount on your purchases.

I guess that is one reason to try out as many places as possible even if you end up with only one favorite place.

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