Forgetting That You Can Do Things On Your Own
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Forgetting That You Can Do Things On Your Own

I was hearing of a story recently that building tenants were unhappy with the strata company that was managing the property such as being non-responsive or being bias when it comes to finding contractors to do work. However, they felt powerless as it’s almost like having to live life with a boss that one doesn’t like. That doesn’t make sense of course as technically the strata management company is their customer which they replace if they wish. Not only that, they can do all the work themselves too without a company period.

This is actually very common where many times we are just so used to using company services for a problem where we just assume you aren’t allowed to do it yourself. That’s different than getting a service for convenience. For example, I frequently hear people saying how they have no choice but to pay a real estate agent to sell a home which means they will lose some money as a result of the commission. But like there, you can sell a home by yourself. Is it recommended though if you don’t know what you are doing? Probably not. But that’s different than believing you have no choice but to do it that way.

It’s important because if you understand that the service provider is not technically needed this will change your mindset and expectations in regards of how they must perform. Or else you will replace them. It shouldn’t be the other way around. Imagine going to a retail store believing you must buy something versus them having to offer you great products and services before spending money on them.

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