Forcing Your Products or Services Into Your Life

Forcing Your Products or Services Into Your Life

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I was thinking of a scenario today on how many times people get so initially motivated about some kind of business where they try to implement it into their personal life in anyway possible as a means to make it grow fast. An over exaggerated example would be if you had like a business that made refrigerators then you will start to try and force use a refrigerator for even the most trivial reasons such as placing a full fridge in your room for one glass of water as you think this way you can promote it more which would potentially mean more sales.

With that in mind it is kind of tough to read how so many people essentially lose all of their hard savings this way as usually the justification is that everyone says if you believe in your product or service then you need to do everything possible to show it works. To me the common sense answer would be like for any scenario in this nature if you took away any kind of potential financial gain for yourself would you still use the product or service.

There is a difference between wanting to promote something of value in order to make a sale to sustain a living versus cluttering your life with your own products or services as if it is a replacement to see if it is valued enough for people to want to buy it on its own merit. Self consumption in this case just doesn’t make sense and you are only hurting yourself I say.

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