Forcing Diversity Into A Business Project Academy Aperture 2025 Example

Forcing Diversity Into A Business Project Academy Aperture 2025 Example

With all the news about the Oscar yesterday I was reading an interesting piece about it on how the academy is planning by 2025 to apparently disqualify films from winning certain awards if the production does not meet a certain requirement in having a diverse talent pool. I believe it was this initiative called the Academy Aperture 2025.

As they say on their site “To encourage equitable hiring practices and ensure more diverse representation on and off screen, the Academy, in collaboration with the Producers Guild of America, will create a task force of industry leaders to develop and implement new representation and inclusion standards for Oscars eligibility”.

It really made me think from a business point of view if this would end up being practically productive or not. You could argue in one sense it will force people to use others who they would normally dismiss. The other argument would be the more qualified person could lose a job simply because they need to fill the quota with a type of person they don’t have yet.

Just a quick thought on how even nowadays requirements like these may not work as intended, imagine a film where the requirement is that 20% of the cast must be from a visible minority group. So that sounds great to ensure inclusion, correct? However, what often can end up happening is say those people who are given roles are a throwaway of sort. Example, imagine watching an action movie where all the main cast is still say someone of the “majority” and the “minorities” are all playing roles where they say simply get punched in the face or shot at in an instant and that’s the end for them.

Like there not much has really changed as it doesn’t really address the philosophical cultural difference. The same can be said for a business environment. Imagine one where they simply bring the “minority” into the company to say they have such a group where in reality they will always be stuck at lower level positions. So would it really help overall or would it simply be denying others a business and work opportunities?

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