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Flexibility To Juggle Schedules

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I was recently asked to work on a project that was given very little notice, but it sounded good and so I accepted it. The first thing I thought of was how I was going to juggle my schedule around to adapt to it? The solution was pretty simple as I essentially sacrificed my personal time to get other work done ahead of time where I won’t have to worry about it later. So in the end it will work out fine.

It made me think how it can be important to be able to be flexible to take various opportunities as they can appear at any time. One important factor too is that I have planned ahead of time to have the capability to do work even when I am not in like an office. This doesn’t necessarily means that everyone needs like a super laptop for example or that it is tech related. It could even be knowing other people who can help you do the work in tight time situations as well.

Usually people only start thinking about this when they actually need to find a solution for it. That’s too late I think. Spend a little time investing in a solution and maybe it will help your hectic lifestyle as well I think.

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