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Feeling The Need To Match Gift Value

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Christmas is a few days away and many people I know simply give presents ahead of time without even wrapping it. Even for myself I have already received many gifts. The bad thing about this I thought is that I now know what the price value of the gift they got me was. Therefore, knowing that it is worth X dollars it makes me feel like I have to match it at minimum. Example, if I was originally getting the person a $50 gift and they give me one that is $100 it makes me want to try to find something worth $100 for them too.

In many ways it shouldn’t even matter as long as you put the thought and effort into giving them something that they needed or wanted. It just feels like the right thing to do though and so like in these cases you will usually end up spending more than anticipated. You may say that it’s just better to keep it a surprise then. But even for myself, I usually just try to use a future holiday to match one’s value from a previous gift if the one they gave me had an extremely high price tag compared to mine.

I guess at times like this it’s easier to be people who make gifts from scratch as it would be more about sentimental value as opposed to a want or need.

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