Feeling Bad Taking Advantage of Discount Loopholes or Not
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Feeling Bad Taking Advantage of Discount Loopholes or Not

I was reading about a deal recently where people who sign up for A Costco membership could get about $50 worth of coupons which would essentially make the membership almost free of charge. However, for people who are already a member or are looking for renewal deals they would be out of luck. To get around this, since the deal is simply tied to a person and not an address people would simply sign up for a new membership with a different member of the household and allowing their current membership to expire.

It’s almost like going to the supermarket with the family and having multiple people purchasing limited quantity items where each person goes to different checkout lines as if they are a different household customer. The thing I was reading was how some people feel that is wrong whereas others just see it as a way to save more money. What would you say in this case?

Obviously it goes against the intention of what the company is trying to enforce. But I suppose a lot of people do have the mentality where it’s not hurting anyone per se.

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